Tracing People – Missing Persons

It is scarcely believable in early 21st century Britain, where surveillance, CCTV, digital footprints and mass databases abound, but an estimated quarter of a million people are reported missing every year. That’s three Wembley Stadiums’ worth of people who simply slip off the map.

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Tracing People

People disappear for a huge variety of reasons. Often mental health issues are the cause, but there can also be domestic and marital problems, acute financial difficulties, suicidal tendencies, flight from the consequences of criminality, or even foul play.

Equally there can be a variety of motives for trying to find a missing person. It might be in an effort to recover money owed to you by a debtor, or to resolve a property dispute where either a tenant or landlord or freeholder has gone missing. There can be more positive reasons too, like the need to trace the beneficiaries of a will, or to locate estranged family members, or simply to trace long lost friends.

Trace People

City depicting missing people

Where to Start Your Search for a Missing Person

In order to find a missing person you really need a professional service. Some missing persons will leave a trail that is relatively easy to follow, but the determined disappeared can only be found by employing the kind of sophisticated people trace that we offer. All private investigators will boast of their resources and successes, but we can prove to you that we can trace people who have gone missing quickly, efficiently and at a very competitive price.

It may be that the person you are trying to find is not actually classed as a missing person. You simply have no idea of their whereabouts. This makes no difference to us. If you need to find them, for personal or financial reasons or for any other purpose, we are the professionals to do it for you. Tracing people is what we do, whatever the circumstances.

People We Find

  • Debtors
  • Lost / Old Friends
  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • Beneficiaries
  • Freeholders
  • Family Members

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So why not call us today? To you the problem of tracing that person seems insurmountable. To us it is our daily bread. Put your trust in the professionals and see how quickly we can deliver results.

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Effective People Trace

Our people trace will locate a missing person and in many cases will provide additional information such as marital status, employment and details of any property ownership. This is particularly useful when tracing missing debtors but in any case helps to build a rounded picture of the current circumstances of the missing person.

Our people trace is extraordinarily effective, and we can often start with as little as the missing person’s name and last known address. Of course, the more information you can provide the quicker we can get results, but don’t be put off because to you the task seems monumental. This is our business and we have the professional skills to trace that missing person you so urgently need to find. We don’t simply rely on obvious and easily available resources such as the electoral roll – we have access to a wide range of information sources and can cross-reference, verify and confirm our results.

Speedy Investigations

Speed is often of the essence in missing person cases. We understand that. That’s why our dedicated team wastes no time in conducting people traces and reporting back to you.

Full Reporting if Unsuccessful

Naturally, we can never guarantee success. Some missing persons are determined to stay missing. But on those very rare occasions when our people trace fails to turn up a positive result we will provide you with a full no trace report which gives you details of everything we have found and helps you to take further action.