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ACI Solutions provide professional surveillance services throughout Sussex , Kent and the UK. Led by two ex Scotland Yard detectives with 65 years combined experience in police and private investigation. Static Observations / Fixed Monitoring, Electronic Monitoring, Undercover Private Surveillance.

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No matter how advanced our technological capabilities become, one of the key resources in getting to the truth of any suspicion or mystery is surveillance.  It is one of the most crucial elements of any police investigation, and the same is true of private surveillance.  The difference is that the police are trying to uncover criminal behaviour.  The private surveillance investigator could be searching for evidence of many and varied kinds of clandestine and covert behaviour.

Skill, Patience and Attention to Detail

Surveillance investigators provide a highly skilled service.  Using high resolution photography and state of the art video equipment as well as highly sensitive long range microphones where appropriate, a private investigator engaged in surveillance will build a full and irrefutable picture of the activities of the client’s.  It is a demanding job which requires skill, patience and attention to detail but the results are impressive.

Surveillance Scenarios

  • Cheating Partners
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Theft in the workplace
  • Insurance / Benefit Fraud
  • Vandalism Investigations
  • Missing Persons


Digital Forensics

Workplace Fraud


Commonly, creditors find themselves saddled with bad debts, whether in commercial or personal transactions.  The good faith shown in offering credit or loans is abused, the sum owed remains unpaid and the debtor absconds.  The law provides recourse by means of a statutory demand or other court remedy, but these are ineffective if the debtor cannot be found. In such cases our private investigators will employ our versatile range of surveillance techniques to locate a defaulting debtor and even follow through with the service of the demand, which then takes immediate legal effect and empowers the client to recover the debt through the courts.  The cost of this service is minimal compared to the gains to be had in recovering the sums owed.

Cheating Partners – Matrimonial Investigations

Yet another scenario, this time in the domestic realm, is a client’s suspicion of his or her partner’s infidelity.  The client approaches us and, in the language of our business, we are instructed to catch a cheater.  We understand that such a situation is a stressful and upsetting one.  Trust has broken down.  Suspicion has arisen.  Answers need to be found.  Our operation will discreetly but thoroughly root out those answers.  If the suspicion is unfounded then trust in the relationship can be restored.  If the suspicion is proven correct then at least it enables the client to take control of the situation and move forward from a bad experience.  Either way certainty is achieved.

Workplace Surveillance

Consider a number of scenarios. An employee’s behaviour has aroused the employer’s suspicions. Potential misconduct or theft in the workplace; moonlighting; absenteeism; embezzlement.  Only through concentrated surveillance can the truth be uncovered and evidence gathered.

Benefit Fraud Investigations

Another scenario is the potential for abuse of the benefits system: a claimant insists they are suffering a debilitating disability which entitles them to significant benefits.  Benefit fraud is a fraud upon every tax-payer, so if the claimant is engaged in any activities which belie the alleged disability the sure way to discover this is via surveillance.  The evidence gathered thus is irrefutable.

Criminal Surveillance

Other criminal activity which our surveillance services can combat include domestic violence and child abuse, both horrifically common in today’s Britain.  These crimes are notoriously difficult to prosecute because they rely so heavily on the victim’s testimony without secondary corroboration.  Surveillance changes all that.  Thorough, extensive, unquestionable supporting evidence can make a criminal conviction infinitely more likely.

Persistent Vandalism

Or consider the possibility of persistent vandalism.  No business or property owner can be vigilant 24 hours a day.  If casual violence or targeted victimisation is occurring then our surveillance investigators can identify the actions and the perpetrators allowing effective prosecution.

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