Investigation Services For Business & Individuals in Sussex & Kent

Below are some of our main services we offer individuals and businesses across the UK. Please do get in touch with any questions you might have.

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Digital Forensics

Digital investigators are constantly raising their game and every time the criminal fraternity makes advances in covering its tracks, forensic analysts set about breaking these new security measures.

Fraud Investigations

We have the experience and expertise to advise you on a comprehensive range of fraud prevention techniques.  But when fraud has occurred, or is in process, we can act quickly, decisively and effectively to put a stop to it.

Process serving services

The court requires a document to be used in a clearly prescribed manner in order to avoid any doubt or ambiguity.  This applies not only to the completion of the document itself but also to the way in which it is served.  Which is where we come in.


No matter how advanced our technological capabilities become, one of the key resources in getting to the truth of any suspicion or mystery is surveillance.  It is one of the most crucial elements of any police investigation, and the same is true of private surveillance.

Trace People and Missing Persons

In order to find a missing person you really need a professional service. Some missing persons will leave a trail that is relatively easy to follow, but the determined disappeared can only be found by employing the kind of sophisticated people trace that we offer.