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Fraud is a perennial and serious problem in both the business and the personal spheres.  It can be fatal to companies and devastating to individuals.

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Discretion When Investigating Fraud

In fraud investigations there is a very delicate balance to strike between thoroughness and discretion.  The last thing we want to do is alert the suspects to the fact that they are under investigation.  Our scrutiny must be absolute but invisible.  As soon as a fraudster realises he is under suspicion he will try to destroy any and all evidence of his crime.  This makes the prospect of recovery and prosecution deeply problematic.

Detection & Identification

This is where we come in.  We have the experience and expertise to advise you on a comprehensive range of fraud prevention techniques.  But when fraud has occurred, or is in process, we can act quickly, decisively and effectively to put a stop to it.  Our fraud investigators are fully trained in detection, identification and investigation.

Our methods include all forms of surveillance and covert operations.  This means watching suspects around the clock in all locations and in transit, photographing, filming and recording conversations with long-range microphones, monitoring all interactions with associates and third parties, gathering visual and physical evidence.  This enables us to build up a comprehensive picture of the suspects’ routines and physical activities.


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Modern Fraud

Fraudsters are endlessly creative and ruthlessly efficient in their approach to the criminal plundering of assets.  Ponzi scams, fake business deals, hacking and data harvesting, falsified financial reports, embezzlement and theft – these are just a few examples of the dangers facing businesses and individuals in the swamp that is modern fraud.

Serious Consequences

Businesses and government agencies are under constant threat from determined fraudsters and it is estimated that global losses due to fraud are close to £2.5 trillion every year.  But beyond the vast financial implications there are other serious consequences such as damage to share values and loss of reputation and trust.

Fraud Prevention

In any business it is necessary to juggle priorities and allocate funds where they can be most beneficially used – staffing, investment, IT, security, insurance; these are all obvious necessities.  But it would be a major mistake to overlook the benefits of fraud prevention measures.

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Identifying Risk

There are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself.  Risk assessment is vital – identify potential sources of fraud in your particular business sector; examine and assess the reliability of your supply chain as well as your own staff; test all transactional data; maintain the highest auditing standards; separate the key duties of contract initiation, approval, execution and receipt; ensure that all staff are aware of your high levels of fraud protection and thereby discouraged from considering such activity.

Only So Much You Can Do

Ultimately there is only so much you can do to mitigate possible fraud.  No protective system is infallible and a determined, audacious, well-resourced fraudster always has the potential to breach your defences.  In such circumstances it is vital to identify instances of fraud as early as possible, in order to limit the damage and identify the culprit.

Documentation Examination

Beyond this there is a host of actions we can take in terms of the examination of documents, exhaustive audits, computer sweeps, asset counting, accounts assessment, transaction appraisal and many other forms of financial investigation.

Some frauds are extremely complex and one of the hardest part of any fraud investigation is to identify what the precise fraud is and how it works.  You know something is occurring, but the detail is obscure.  Our financial investigators will analyse all the available information and formulate the most likely scenario.  This will be tested against the facts that are known, and adapted as evidence is uncovered until a hypothesis is reached which can be confidently relied on.

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Our fraud investigators will operate in complete secrecy until the body of evidence gathered is irrefutable and a watertight case can be made.

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