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Digital Forensics

Forensic science has developed rapidly over the past few decades, perhaps the most notable development being the ability to verify an individual’s DNA.

Now we are into the digital age, forensic science has continued to progress and generate a whole new branch of digital forensics.  As its name suggests, this is the employment of scientific techniques to retrieve, recover and investigate information and material stored on digital devices of all kinds.  The application of these techniques divides into several sub-branches: computer forensics, network forensics, data analysis and mobile device forensics.destine and covert behaviour.

Gathering Evidence

The most obvious goal of the computer forensic investigator is to gather evidence of a crime, but in the process the digital information uncovered in the process can be used for ancillary purposes such as establishing intent, confirming or refuting alibis and witness statements or authenticating documents, both physical and digital.

Online Crime

Online crime is a huge and growing problem today. From the laughably clumsy email attempts to defraud by offering millions of dollars in Nigerian banks right through to highly sophisticated confidence tricks performed by multiple parties, the digital highway is seen as a vastly lucrative place for criminals to make money.  Fortunately, the development of digital forensics continues to make life very hard for these criminals.

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Raising the Game

Computer forensics opens up a whole new toolbox for forensic computer analysts conducting digital investigations.  Much is made of the digital footprint we leave as we navigate the various different digital devices used every day.  An experienced and well-versed criminal will take great pains to conceal that footprint, using untraceable pay-as-you-go phones, for example.  But digital investigators are constantly raising their game and every time the criminal fraternity makes advances in covering its tracks, forensic analysts set about breaking these new security measures.

Forensic Technology Advances

Online crime itself is by no means the only field in which computer forensic analysis plays a part.  Digital forensics is a huge discipline enabling the detection and verification of almost any kind of evidence in relation to any kind of crime, whether it is cyber-based or conventional.  For criminals attempting to store information securely from the eyes of law-enforcement are going to ever more extreme lengths.  To take just one remarkable example, even the ubiquitous Xbox is now known to be used as a repository for criminally obtained sensitive data. In one of the most ground-breaking forensic technologies for digital forensic analysts, the XFT is being developed to enable visual access to hidden files on the Xbox hard drive. The XFT can also record access sessions and replay them in real time during court sessions.

We make certain that our digital investigators remain fully apprised of all developments.  Whatever the crime or civil offence, digital tools are absolutely indispensable in any investigation.  As time goes on, more and more court cases will rely on evidence harvested by digital investigators.  That evidence is subject to all the usual rigorous requirements of evidence – that it be authentic, reliably obtained and legally admissible.  Our expert investigators ensure that their methods and the evidence gather thereby is never compromised. The case in point may be criminal or civil – or not even intended for court at all in some commercial circumstances – so we ensure that the integrity of our evidence is highly reliable.

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